How we can help you

Our system works on very simple decisions you can make, and we guide and help you with that process. We work with you, we guide you, we help you sort your life.

It’s not just our simple system but it’s that organized mind, that second opinion that we can help you with, and is critical to organizing your life. We have a proven system of organizing  and storage methods that can save floor space by up to 75%. We will never dispose of any items you specifically wish to keep.

We will never ask or encourage you to get rid of something monetarily valuable, or something that holds great sentimental value, but too often people just cling onto things they don’t really need. Sometimes you just need that thoughtful encouragement to make a decision you know in your heart you need to make.

Even if you don’t want to throw anything away, our simple system can very often still gain you 50% in floor space you never knew you had.

How do we make space for you?


The starting point for every new client is a free 30 to 40 minute in-home consultation and review. This helps us understand your situation. We discuss your aims and listen to your concerns. We review your space and discuss what is working or not working for you. We will submit estimated costs and a project time frame based on our discussion.

We know from experience that very often the joy after a few hours’ work and the results seen mean that each project may grow. So while we will focus on your initial aims, you will be in control to guide us as to what you need.

Establish a direction

Once we know what you want to achieve we can suggest a plan that is in keeping with your budget. We find out what the problems are and how you want to change your life. Every home and family are different. We will create a customized solution just for you.

Use our process

We have a very simple and easy process to help you find that space in your life. We will begin by sorting and removing the clutter. We will use the “use it, love it, lose it” system to sort, purge, and organize things for you. We work alongside you with our simple system to identify what you really need, what you might need and what you don’t need, in light of your lifestyle and priorities.

Once your home is decluttered, we help you to organize your things.  We find a place or a zone for everything and choose appropriate storage methods to maximize that space. Our aim is to make your life easier.


We Can Solve This

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