How long does it take?

We have no magic figures, it will always be an estimate. How much do you want to make this work, how quickly can you make those important decisions and commit to the project?

If you are not present, it will be slower to complete. No two projects are alike, just as no two people are.

For example, a large closet may take 4 hours, a small garage stacked with things maybe 12 hours, a small spare room that has become a dumping place for odds and ends, maybe 8 hours. For small projects, it will also depend on how many storage boxes, racking trays, closet shelf dividers and containers you have ready. If we don’t have appropriate storage containers the job will take longer, so we will advise on this and can purchase items on your behalf if required. Any purchases will be added to your invoice.

We will provide you an estimate and together we will try and complete the project within that time frame, but each job can change as it progresses, and very often we find that further work is required or requested. We will work at your pace and guide you through the process to make your home organized and clutter-free.

What if I am unsure about what to start with or how long it will really take?

We understand that, so if you are unsure we suggest starting with one or two sessions.

For one session we would suggest a small area, or a closet, or a few kitchen cupboards. We want you to feel that progress has been made, and there is nothing better to spur you on than seeing results.

How much do you charge?

Please refer to our pricing page.  We charge by the hour, minimum session is 3 hours.

What areas in the Bay Area do you cover?

We cover all areas, but we charge for travel  east of Livermore or Brentwood, north of Vacaville or south of Fremont.  A fee of $1.50 per mile is charged, plus any applicable tolls and parking fees.

Why do we do it?

While it may seem like a chore to some, we enjoy a challenge and love the contentment we see when someone feels more organized and less cluttered in their life. We feel a sense of satisfaction to see a completed project, knowing that we have saved someone a great deal of time and altered their life through practices and methods we find come natural to us.

Do you do a follow-up visit?

We certainly can, but we hope by working with you and showing you our techniques, you can change your life not just for now but for the future also. We don’t expect you to change overnight, but as soon as you feel that sense of organization we are sure you will want to maintain the methods and processes we have shared with you. Consider our mentor service for follow-up visits in those crucial weeks after a project has been completed. .

What preparation should I make?

  • Ensure safe conditions, do we need safe step ladders or steps to get up high? Are all firearms under lock and key away from work areas? Are animals under control?
  • We love children, but we know how much they love clutter, so we recommend that small children, If possible, should be with someone else, leaving you to focus on the clutter.
  • It would always help speed things along if the area to be worked on is as clean as possible. So please clean or have the area cleaned as needed before our visit.
  • We recommend you have a supply of storage boxes and containers/trays/black trash bags etc.before the session starts.   .


Should I buy anything?

Depending on size of the project, we will need storage boxes, racking systems and organizing trays. Nothing is more important than having a means to keep your home tidy and dispose of items not required. Our system is dependent on tidy storage, so we will advise what we can supply and recommend what storage items you should supply.

For larger projects we can provide storage boxes and containers but would suggest, where possible, you have the basics for storage, sorting and trash. We charge for any storage items we supply.

If it is a large project we will sit down together and plan this out during our first session.

If it is a short session we may have made prior suggestions of what you may need during our complimentary walk through.

For instance, if we are sorting a closet, small room etc. we would suggest that you have some color-coded hangers to separate different types of clothing, some dividers, storage bins (small and large) to keep everyday items tidy, and some large cardboard boxes/black bags for trash or recycling, some strong clear plastic stacking storage boxes and lots of cleaning wipes, paper towel and other cleaning consumables for any items that we are rearranging and not throwing out.

If you have a lot of items that you know you want to keep, it helps to have empty boxes and storage bins ready.

What other services can you provide?

Do you need some simple furniture, some painting or cleaning?

To complete the project, we can also assist with

  • Light cleaning
  • Furniture and layout planning
  • Arrange removal of unwanted items and furniture.
  • Arrange donation items
  • Document and filing organizing
  • Paperwork, bills storage.

Do I need to be with you?

We work WITH you so need to make sure that you are available during the time we visit. If you have a hectic life, we will work with and around your schedule, but if you can’t be with us fully during the session this will slow progress down.

Should someone be with me?

Having a family member or close friend with you can really help make those important decisions. They will know you, what you love, what you need………….and offer advice from an objective point of view as to things you can do without.

Time To Tidy

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